Saturday, June 4, 2011

Who are the bad people part 2

Apart from limping in every hand theres still many different types of bad people but if wanna exploit them we wanna learn what type of bad player they are.

As the game goes we must observe how they're playing 

Do they play hands aggressively? Do they play them passively?
Do they play a billion hands or a select few?
Do they bluff?
Do they fold every flop unless they hit?

During preflop players usually end up in 2 categories 

The ones who play many hands = a loose player
Ones who play less but stronger hands = a tight player


Once the flop comes bad players are typically

Super nits: They probably only play the top 10 hands in holdem lol. If they don't fold to your preflop raise they always check/fold if the flop misses them and raises if the flop hits them you profit raising them on the flop because they'll fold a lot. If they reraise you just fold your beat. Steal their blinds as much as you can and fold if they reraise.

Nits: Almost the same as the supernits but they learned how to use google and looked up what hands to play in X position. They like folding so steal their blinds. These guys will always think you beat them unless they have a hand like a flush, 3 of a kind, 2 pair or straight and will tell you when your beat by reraising.

Weak tight: These guys are pussies that don't know what to do against aggression. So keep stealing their blinds, keep betting on the flop, they'll keep folding, and we profit. If he won't fold on the turn he probably has something so back off unlike the nits these guys are less likely to reraise.

Maniacs: These guys are morons they like bluffing and raising everything even if some of their bluffs make no sense. To take money from these guys we just tighten up our preflop range, flop comes and we have something like top pair with a good kicker or higher, we check, he bets, repeat to the turn then river, we flip up the cards, and the maniac just bluff owned himself easy money. If they actually have a hand for once suck it up, and don't rage tilt if you tilt they win.

Calling stations: They'll call with anything you'll see them a lot in facebook poker to beat them is similar to the maniac. We flop top pair, bet the flop, bet the turn, and bet the river. They'll call for some weird ass reason and we profit. These guys like chasing draws so experiment how high you can bet and with them still calling. If they ever raise your beat so fold. If the draw hits again suck it up it happens just wait till you get another chance to take their money.

Flush draw becoming a flush by the river (9 cards) = about 36%
Open ended Straight draw becoming a straight by the river (8 cards) = 32%
Gut shot straight draw (4 cards) 16%

Make bigger bets to maximize your profit when the draws miss and make them pay for draw chasing.

The good ones are usually these types of players

Tight Aggressive: They don't play many hands but when they do they play them aggressively and will make your life suck if your in a pot with them. You can try to steal their blinds but it's not as easy as it is with the nits. You typically wanna stay away from these guys but they can give you credit if you can bluff in the right places.

Loose Aggressive: These guys are annoying they can bluff really well and get away when they know they're beat. These guys are what weak tight players wish they were. They open so many hands that they get into really crappy spots on the flop but their ability to get value off all the crappy spots is how they make money. If you wanna beat these guys play less hands and start check raising when you hit the flop.

If your wondering how much should I raise? Raise 2/3rds the pot both for value and when your bluffing. You can experiment with your own bet sizing but if your ever stumped on how much to bet just bet 2/3rds

If your also wondering what stealing the blinds are its when you open raise anything from any position while the bad players that would fold are on the blinds thus stealing the blinds.

BTW people fold more on the internets rather then casinos so if you play tighter in casinos and have the patience too you'll profit.

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