Saturday, June 4, 2011

Starting out

Since the US Department of Justice owned me I can't play internet poker anymore so if you don't live in America i'll teach you how to make money off crappy people online and if you live in America I'll teach you how to make money off stupid people in casinos and hopefully your friends. Then you can brag about how awesome you are in poker.

But first things first.

One i'm not here to turn you into the Poker King i'm just gonna teach you how to make money off stupid people online or in casinos.

Two if you get pissed off losing in poker a lot learn to suck it up or don't bother learning you'll lose money playing if your raging.

Finally if good people give you a hard time not my problem go actually learn the game from a book or something its summer we don't have much to do anyways.

If I say something like 6h7c heres what it would mean and you should already know A = ace K = king etc

h = Hearts s = Spades c = Clovers d = Diamonds o = offsuit s = suited

Okay lets start.

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  1. Sounds interesting, poker is something I never learned to play lol.