Saturday, June 4, 2011

Who are the bad people part 1

Hopefully you have some idea of playing poker if not go play facebook poker for an hour or 2 and you should have a general idea by now. Or just watch this video

Okay thats over with lets talk about who the bad people we're going to exploit are

If you ever played a typical poker game before and it the game goes like this

Blinds 1/2

Early position calls 2, Middle position calls 2, Middle position+1 calls 2, Middle position+2 calls 2, Cut off calls 2, Button calls, 2 Small blind calls 1, Big blind checks and Flop comes XXX

Everyone there is bad and we can probably exploit every one of them LOL and it happens a lot on facebook poker.
What they're doing is called limping and we don't want to limp in the pot like them. We want to raise all the hands we want to play before the flop.

Why are we raising?

  1. It makes our hand look strong
  2. The flop will miss everyone 66% of the time so we just bet again on the flop we can take it down if they miss or fold if they raise
  3. Limping looks like they want to see a flop for cheap and we wanna deny that
  4. Ez money if everyone folds
Now we know that limping is bad so what are we gonna do when we have a hand we wanna play? Yeah raise the hell out of it. 

How much? Internet is around 4x Big blind +1 Big blind for every limper so in the above example we would raise to about 26. Casinos standard raising size is about 6x Big blind and don't forget the +1 Big blind for every limper.

Thats part 1 part 2 would deal with Calling stations, maniacs and donks.

Btw if your doing this on facebook poker nobody ever folds so raising is a good way to get value off your good hands but have the balls to fold not bluff if the flop completely misses you.

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